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Unit Websites

  • 175th Outlaws
  • 114th
  • Can Tho
  • 335th Cowboys
  • Vihn Long Outlaws
  • 135th AHC
  • 178th ASHC Chu Lai--Boxcar Veterans Association
  • 1st Aviation Brigade
  • 189th AHC
  • 28th and 96th Avionics Signal Detachment Vinh Long


  • Vietnam Helicopter Flight Crew Network
  • Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association
  • Vietnam Helicopter Crew Members Association
  • Heli-Vets

    Miscellaneous of Interest

  • Vietnam Helicopter Crew Members Memorial Drive
  • Honoring Our Ancestors: Seeking Foreign War Letters
  • Military Personnel Record Request
  • Military Search Database
  • The Vietnam Experience
  • Vietnam Veterans Contacts

  • New Site Created by the Veterans Administration

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