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July 2003 Edition

I was asked to write the newsletter about the Second Outlaw/Maverick Mini-Reunion. This was held June 18-22, 2003, in Atlanta, Georgia, in conjunction with the Vietnam Helicopter Crewman’s Association reunion.


Mike, Tyrell (our son) & I left Max (ND) on Monday afternoon (June 16). We stopped in Fargo for an appointment at the VA Hospital on Tuesday morning. In the afternoon we proceeded on to St. Cloud, Minnesota, to spend the evening and night with Ed & Mary Timmers. Due to plane time, we all arose VERY early on the 18th and drove to Minneapolis to catch a flight to Atlanta—via Chicago. I really got shook when we missed the exit to the airport. I did not want to miss our flight. We made it with time to spare. Ed set off the security alarm and was found to be carrying cigarettes that had cellophane in the pack. WE WERE OFF!
Upon arriving at the hotel in Atlanta we were greeted by lots of friends from past reunions and had fun introducing Ed & Mary. Shortly upon arrival, we ran into Alan Holmes and his son Mike. Right behind them were Tom Kennedy and his sweetie Ingrid. Later we met Tim & Brenda Hostetler. The party had begun. On Thursday, Bob Gatz & sweetie, Eileen; Andy & Shelly Anderson; & Mike Barter arrived. About 7 p.m. we all piled into two vehicles and headed to Logenville, Ga.
Jim & Eileen Spiers welcomed us to their home. The evening was filled with laughter, good food and cold drinks. After a super meal, we all ventured down memory lane with the viewing of slides that Jim had taken in Nam and more stories. Unfortunately, time did run out and we returned to the hotel. Hopefully, pictures Al took there and later will be on the site.
Friday found some of us going downtown Atlanta to shop. However, a few of us boarded a bus and went for a ride. At the end of that ride was a super, fantastic, probably once in a lifetime (for most of us) other ride. A ten minute up, down, and around HUEY ride. Mike, naturally, claimed the doorgunner position with Tyrell right beside him. (Think Tyrell grinned for the next three hours.) I discovered how easy it was for you guys to get hooked on them. That could become addictive very fast. I was ready to get back in line and go on another ride right away. Maybe I’ll be fortunate to have that honor again.
Friday night was the pizza party and a presentation of the upcoming documentary “In the Shadow of the Blade”. Ernie Hunter, Ray and Linda Roth, had arrived in time to enjoy that. The guys all enjoyed an evening of drinking and bs-ing in the hospitality room set aside for our little group after the pizza was gone.
Saturday was the ladies luncheon at noon and the Crewmembers meeting. At 6:00 p.m. everyone gathered for a social hour in the hall and outside before we went in to another fantastic meal. We all seemed to enjoy the meal, dance, and comradery.
A bunch of us gathered together one last time on Sunday morning for breakfast. It was time to say goodbye for another year. We were all talking about getting together again next June 17-22, 2004, in Indianapolis, Indiana. Now comes the tough part (but also fun) of getting in touch with more Outlaws and Mavericks. We need to get in touch with the ones we know and hopefully will find some new ones.
I will definitely be doing my best to keep in touch with the men and their ladies we have found and will also be happy to get to know any new ones we find.
Til the next time I get to rattling.


Sheila Kendall

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