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Names and Faces
This page was originally intended to have Mavericks current names and addresses, however this would pose a certain amount of risk for those who listed.
Our society is at a point where few, if any of us, want our personal information to be too easy to find--due to the criminal element (and other reasons, as well).

The authors of this site would still like to be able to put Mavericks in touch with each other, a lot of years have intervened. The final decision for this page will rest with you, so please make yourselves heard. For the time being we will list the names only, of Mavericks that we know the whereabouts of.

If you are interested in being in touch with any of the people listed on this page, or if you would like to have your name listed on this page so that your old buddies can get in touch with you, please contact this site via the button at the bottom of this page.
If you have information that you would like included on any of these pages, please forward it via the button below.

Doug Wilson
Mike Kendall
Alan Holmes
Ed Thayer
Al Zanetti
Ed Timmers
Tom Kennedy
Jim Spiers
Greg Trulock
Aaron Largent
Jim Duer
John Steele
Rich Westberg
H. D. Merritt
Keith Bancroft
VK Wright
Doug Bellomy
Bob Smith
Chuck O'Leary
Terry McDowell
Ed Adair
George Place
James Dimatteo
Bill Coleman
George Arnold
Bob Gatz
Steve Smith
Vernon Bernard
Mike Barter
Ray Roth
Tim Hostetler
Ernest Hunter
Andy Anderson
Hans-Peter Naegele
Eric Ragsdale
Greg Mason
Bill Dorame
Ross Armijo
Jerry Bowers
Larry Cunningham

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