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This page is full of links to those timely games and / or commentary that are light-hearted and amusing, that many of us receive in our inboxes.
If you or anyone you know is aware of other links that should be included on this page, or if one of the following links is dead please let us know via the button at the bottom of the page.
This information is intended exclusively for amusement and is not intended to offend anyone.

  • Bend Over Bin Laden
  • Bomb Saddam (Game Download)
  • Another Saddam Song
  • Be a Helicopter Pilot
  • Dr. Strangeblix
  • Saddam's Road Trip to Hell
  • Map of France
  • Take a "Peek"
  • The Eagle is Pissed
  • If Osama was...
  • Helicopter Camoflage
  • Helicopter Camoflage 2
  • Helicopter Camoflage 3
  • Scud Missile????
  • Where Saddam Hides the Missles
  • Download Free Patriotic Cursors for your computer
  • For a Smooth Transition for Deployment...
  • Friendly Fire

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